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Michigan Really Wants To Schedule Syracuse, Says Brady Hoke

Michigan HC Brady Hoke told Rich Eisen that the Wolverines are trying to get a series with Syracuse going again.

Gregory Shamus

Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke stopped by Rich Eisen's podcast to talk about the team's upcoming season and college football in general. Normally, we wouldn't give a s**t. But interestingly enough, Hoke mentioned that UM is really trying to get a football series with the Syracuse Orange going.

Jeff Schaffer: And you said you're going to try and get the rivalry back with Syracuse?

Hoke: Well...we're looking at future schedules and that's one of the teams....that we'd like to play.

Eisen: Well certainly you're going to be playing some games in New Jersey, with Rutgers joining. The Big Ten map is just exploding.

In other words, expect any upcoming Syracuse-Michigan series to be a home-and-MetLife deal.

Syracuse and Michigan last played in 1998 and 1999. The first of which was the historic Syracuse win in the Big House while the second one was Michigan's revenge win in the Dome. That 1998 loss is apparently still something that bothers Hoke, who was UM's DL coach at the time.

There's also the Scott Shafer Connection (Shafer was DC at Michigan for a year) as well as the Greg Robinson Connection (They were insane enough to replace him with Greggers).