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Doug Marrone Likes The Way You Dislike Him, That's Why He Likes You caught up with former SU football head coach Doug Marrone at Buffalo Bills OTAs, and it seems he has completely moved on from Syracuse. I guess that means you can move on from Doug Marrone.

Rick Stewart

Whether you like it or not, Doug Marrone leaving Syracuse for Buffalo is still a story. It is still a story because Marrone left for a job only 157 miles away, a lot of SU fans root for his new team the Buffalo Bills, and the Scott Shaffer era hasn't official started.

As of right now, Shaffer has zero wins, zero losses and two less bowl invitations, and victories, than Marrone, who helped take the program from the basement of the college football world back into relevancy.

Because of Marrone's success and abrupt departure from that success (oh, and a previous proclamation that Syracuse was his "dream job,"), Orange fans have had a hard time ending the relationship on good terms. For Marrone, he understands it, respects it and loves you for it.

"They're fans, so they have the right to perceive me any way that they would like," Marrone said. "It's up to them, they're independent, they can make their own decisions. And I appreciate that. That's the one thing I always liked about the Central New York market and the Western New York market. I have a great deal of respect for the fans and what they say and what they believe in."

Interestingly enough, Marrone and his former SU assistants, including offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, now the Bills' OC, have seemingly completely forgotten about Syracuse. In fact, they don't even speak about it much according to's Michael Cohen.

Marrone, Berchtold explained, is moving on from his time at Syracuse; he's already answered all the questions about Syracuse; he and his assistants are not inclined to talk much about Syracuse.

He spoke quickly of his love for his alma mater and brushed aside any criticism that came his way as a result of his departure for the National Football League. He's not inclined to talk much about Syracuse.

"I always have a great appreciation for the college game," Marrone said after an organized team activity in Buffalo. "I have a great appreciation for Syracuse University for giving me an opportunity."

Now, some of these quotes will only fuel the Marrone-hating fire, but these is pure HCDM talk. Nothing is new here and it is better that no one gets worked up and, like Marrone has done with us, you move on.

Plus, lets admit it, you're way more excited for the Shafer era now then you ever were, and HCDM supports it.

"Scott was with us for all four years, and I'm excited for him and his family," Marrone said. "I'm sure he's going to do an outstanding job. We had a lot of guys on the staff that were head coaching candidates, but Scott is the one person, you know, he really paid his dues and had been through a lot and has really worked extremely hard. He really did a great job, at least when I was there at Syracuse. I think he's earned it, and that's the most important thing."