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University of Buffalo: New York's College Team?

Based on some news today, Buffalo may be trying to enter the ongoing "New York's College Team" fracas with Syracuse (and I guess Rutgers? /B1G'd)

As DOCTOR Daryl Gross would like to continually remind you, the Syracuse Orange are "New York's College Team." And if he does nothing else during his tenure as SU's athletic director, it will be to hammer that point home over and over again. That battle's brought some consternation from St. John's ("New York's Mediocre College Basketball Team"), Rutgers ("New Jersey's New York College Team") and Connecticut ("State Northeast of New York's College Team") up to this point, but now there's another fighter in the ring...


It would seem that the Bulls have all the elements to compete with us on a level none of those other schools can: Sponsoring both football and basketball, large endowment, actual location in New York State... but is this a bit premature for our NEW ARCHRIVALS IN THE BATTLE OF NEW YORK?


Obviously, we'll have to wait and see. The basketball court looks very New York-y, but still no word on whether the football field will change at all. Obviously, the only solution for DOC Gross is to change Jim Boeheim Court's shape to resemble New York State, followed by a non NCAA-sanctioned #ComeAtMeBro hashtag along the sideline.

(H/T @BrentAxeMedia)