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Report: Syracuse Great, Jim Brown, Set To Join Cleveland Browns Front Office

Two years ago, former Syracuse great Jim Brown was fired by the Cleveland Browns. Reports now say he may return to the organization.


It has been two years since Syracuse football great Jim Brown was seemingly exiled from the Cleveland Browns family. Nevertheless, Brown, 77, is expected to be making a return to the organization, as the Browns are expected to make him a part of their front office, a source has told's Tony Grossi.

The exact role will be specified at a news conference. The most important thing is it ends the latest estrangement between Brown and the franchise that hasn’t won a league championship since Brown was in his prime in 1964.

“It’s a big deal. It’s a nice peace,” said one source.

According to the article -- and you probably wouldn't know this unless you were a Browns fan -- Brown was fired as executive adviser to former owner Randy Lerner when former President Mike Holmgren was hired two years ago.

Brown felt disrespected when Holmgren offered a lesser role at a greatly reduced salary. Brown lambasted Holmgren in a letter and boycotted his induction in the franchise’s charter Ring of Honor class. In an appearance in Cleveland in September, Brown later criticized Lerner for not informing him of the change himself.

Well, it seems that time and new management heals wounds, and despite the ever-changing NFL, the Browns decided to re-hire Brown. This time, however, it seems in a smaller full-time role.

“It’s going to be a full time … as much as he can do,” said a source. “It’s not 10 years ago, in terms of Jim. That flight (from Brown’s home in Los Angeles) … flying back and forth is a little difficult now. But his presence is important.”

Recently, Brown has been a big advocate for retired NFL players, who are fighting for better retirement benefits.