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Eric Devendorf Radio -- Yes, You're Reading This Right

Eric Devendorf is getting the opportunity to co-host a local radio show in Syracuse. (Do we need to say much more?)

Graham Denholm

Sometimes wonderful blog stories just write themselves, and fortunately for me today is one of those wonderful, unbelievable, glorious days -- it also is a sad day considering Sean is on vacation and probably would KILL this post.

After years of being the Doug Gottlieb of the college basketball world (for me it would be Colin Cowherd, but whatever), former Syracuse Orange guard Eric Devendorf will get his chance to be Doug Gottlieb. Like, for realz.

Better yet? Devendorf will get his shot to do so in the town that helped him develop his wonderful reputation for being a douche -- Syracuse!

According to's Donna Ditota, Devo has been working out at Wayne State University in Detroit. Wanting to try radio, Devo reached out to Mike Bristol of ESPN CNY. Bristol, who hosts the Syracuse Legends show each Friday at 6 p.m., agreed to give Devo a chance and will allow him to co-host the show with Bristol and Damien Rhodes.

"I definitely like it," Devendorf said. "I'm trying to learn more about it and hopefully expand off it."

It is about this time in a post where I rehash Devendorf's career at SU, but I think your time is better spent imaging Devo Radio and what it will do to your soul.