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ACC Spring Meeting Wraps Up With Little Drama -- I Know Right?

Little drama allows ACC leaders to actually get some work done.


The Atlantic Coast Conference wrapped up its annual Spring meetings in beautiful Amelia Island, FL on Thursday, and unlike years past everything finished up pretty civilly.

(I knowww righttt? I thought, for sure, there'd be like, lots of, like, drama, but no, it was, like, pretty chill.)

The calmness had a lot to do with the lack of conference realignment talks -- because, you know, they already did most of it -- which led to a lot of folks preaching "conference stability." Most of the preaching was done by ACC commissioner John Swofford.

"Just a lot of positive going on for the entire meetings, and I think a lot of excitement from this group looking ahead in terms of what the possibilities are, so that's all very, very positive," Swofford said. "That's the biggest takeaway from the meeting, actually."

Because there was little drama some business was actually done, including the talks of getting new bowl ties...

It already has been reported the ACC has been exploring a new tie-in with the New Era Pinstripe Bowl and reconnecting with the Gator Bowl. Opponents are also set to change in the Russell Athletic Bowl (Big 12) -- which could move up in the pecking order -- and the Belk Bowl (SEC). Both previously featured a team from the soon-to-be renamed Big East.

As mentioned Wednesday, there were talks about a ACC Network being formed, but it sounds as if it is in the hands of ESPN.

Meanwhile, there was a little drama -- more good, friendly poking than drama -- and it was caused by James Arthur Boeheim.