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Donovan McNabb Makes Syracuse Radio Rounds

Former Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb visited the local area the past few days and on Monday he spoke to ESPN Radio's "Upon Further Review."

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Former Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb visited the place where his long and successful college and professional career began -- Syracuse.

McNabb, 36, now a sports talk radio host, made his rounds in the local business Monday, and spoke mainly about his career as a Philadelphia Eagle, his upcoming retirement and a little about the SU football program led by new head coach Scott Shafer, who he met with.

"I got a chance to sit down and talk to Scott, great guy. One of the things I like about the guy is what you see is what you get. He's a guy that's willing to do whatever it takes in order to win ball games. He wants good character guys, but he also wants talented guys. This isn't an organization where we're just gonna grab guys anywhere. This university, we're gonna recruit the right guys for the right system.

"Talking to him, the open door policy, one that I enjoy, I think we got away from that for a couple years where the door just wasn't open for the alums to come in and try to help these young guys out."

McNabb was also asked by the "Upon Further Review" crew about his opinion on whether or not he considers himself a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Now that I'm not playing, you look at my numbers, yes my numbers speak for themselves, but none of that would've been able to happen if I didn't play with a great group of guys around me.

"If I'm rewarded by getting in the Hall of Fame, hey that's great. But to me it's like graduation. You step across the stage and say you know what, I made it, and I'm happy for it."

(In other words, I don't think I am getting in.)

McNabb -- who was my favorite NFLer for a long time -- also spoke about what it is going to be like for former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, who will not be playing right away, instead, will be groomed by veteran New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

They have Eli Manning, so they don't need Ryan to come i and be a starter right now, which I think is good for him as well as the rest of the guys because they can learn from a veteran leader how to be a professional, learn how to be the first one in the building, the last one to leave, watching film, making sure you know where each guy has to be."

You can listen to the full UFR interview here.

On Tuesday morning, Daily News staff writer Paul Domowitch reported McNabb said on his NBC Sports Radio Show the date of his retirement could be Sept. 19 when the Eagles host the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.