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Final Four Mission Statement: Orange Nation

Need something to get you pumped up? StrawHatGuy provides a Mission Statement before Saturday's tip-off.

Andy Lyons

I woke up this morning with something welling up in my soul.
A purposeful force I've not felt in many years. It is a power of kindred
spirits, blanketed endlessly across the fruited plain.

Orange Nation is rising today.

We are third-shift line workers and top-floor executives, handymen
and homemakers, intellectuals and ideologues. Some of us are
old men who've long surrendered to cynicism, but are willing to place
hope in our team this one day. Some are our own toddlers,
eyes lit up giddy in their new orange and blue clothes as they
exclaim "I look just like you Mommy and Daddy!"

We are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and the bearers of
traditions of those who've left us long ago.

Orange Nation is in the still-frozen reaches of the St. Lawrence.
Orange Nation basks on the beaches of St. Augustine.
Orange Nation reaches from Coast to Coast, from Brazil to
Belgium, and even lives on a ship in service of our Country.

Are you on your couch today? Are you in Atlanta today?
Are you cleaning the gutters or packing the suitcase today?
Are you in the midst of personal success, or dealing with
unbearable tragedy today?

Today the tender affection of my Orange soul
embraces yours, and yours mine, and all of us as one.

We cannot be stopped. We cannot be turned away.
We now commune as the greatest fans in our culture.

We are Orange Nation, and Orange Nation is rising today.