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Syracuse In The Final Four: So, Uh, Bernie Fine's In Town...

Bernie Fine is in town for the Final Four. So, uh, this could be awkward...

Streeter Lecka

The post-Bernie Fine scandal world is a strange one for Syracuse Orange fans (to be fair, the pre-Berne Fine scandal world was no daisy either).

50% of Fine's accusers were revealed to be phonies. 25% was openly rooting for Jim Boeheim to win the lawsuit he filed against him and was shaky at best. And the final 25% remains an enigma. Fine has never been and almost certainly never will be charged. And he and his wife have both filed defamation lawsuits against ESPN. Of course there's still that audio recording...

Fine will never work for Syracuse University again and I would imagine most people were of the opinion that we'll probably never hear from him or see him again.

And then he showed up in Atlanta for the Final Four...

"I came into town to enjoy some basketball games," Fine said Thursday night when reached by telephone in his Atlanta hotel room. The hotel is not the team hotel.

Fine declined to answer other questions about whether he had tickets for the game.

"I answered. I came here to enjoy the weekend," said Fine. "I appreciate it."

It raises a fascinating question...what do you do if you run into Bernie Fine on the street?

Do you say hi? Do you keep walking? Do you tell him he was screwed? Do you tell him he's a monster? Do you take a photo of him? Do you take a photo of him with you in it?

I don't know.

One question that's nagging at did Donnie Webb know Bernie Fine was in town and know to call him at his hotel? Fine's suit against ESPN went public last week, is this part of the publicity attack? And if so, is that really want he wants?

So many questions, you guys. What else is new?