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2013 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Challenge: #Hardnosed-PickedNose Connection Swings Free

Jim Boeheim and Scott Shafer teamed up to rep the Orange at the seventh annual Chick-Fil-A Bowl Challenge


Update: Alas, the Dynamic Duo finished in last place at +2. Still good enough for No. 1 in the Big East.

Original: The seventh annual Chick-Fil-A Bowl Challenge got underway today and for the first time, the Syracuse Orange have some participants in this golf tournament. Jim Boeheim and Scott Shafer teamed up to rep the Orange in a field that includes such heavy-hitters as Nick Saban, Bo Jackson, Roy Williams and Steve Spurrier.

Apparently HCSS (or SMFS if you prefer) is already bringing his #Hardnosed style to the golf course. He finished T-third in the Long Drive Competition "Coaches Division" with a 281-yard drive. Boeheim's results in the "Celebrity Division" where less exciting (255, 9/10), but, he's Boeheim. You gonna say something?

SB Nation has a rundown of the event-at-large. But we're here to talk Syracuse. So many wonderful photos, you guys. So many.


#Hardnosed & #Brainfreezed.


Why on this night do we recline? Because we're Jim F***ing Boeheim.


Good work, caddy.


Odds that cut on Boeheim's leg was self-inflicted after driving his first three into the trees? 1/44.


"Just pretend the ball is Gregg Doyel's face..."


Jim, I'd tell you not to quit your day job, but, I don't want to get yelled at.


"Socks are for losers."


Scott Shafer doesn't hit golf balls. He stares at them until they just get in the hole by themselves.


A metaphor for what it's like to be the football coach at Syracuse University.

Photos: USA TODAY Sports