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Syracuse Fans, Help Rob Long Raise Money In The Race For Hope

Former Syracuse punter Rob Long is running the Race for Hope DC to raise money in the hope to find a cure for brain tumors and he's looking for some help.

Rob Long

The Race for Hope DC, a 5K course in the nation's capital, is a fun and inspiring way to join forces in the fight against brain tumors by raising funds for research.

Syracuse Orange fans are well aware of the way brain cancer touched the lives of punter Rob Long and his family. Rob is going to be participating in the race, which takes place Sunday, May 5th in Washington, D.C., and he's got a message for Orange Nation:

As you may know by now my career at SU was cut short due to a brain cancer diagnoses. In an effort to help others who are affected by this disease, I have joined forces with the National Brain Tumor Society and The Race for Hope to help find a cure for brain tumors. Please help by donating or should you be in the DC area, Join Team 47 for the annual 5k race through downtown DC on May 5th. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will make us that much closer to finding a cure. Keep in mind that I am here today leading a healthy and cancer free life because of the donations of those many years before I was ever diagnosed. While you may not save a life tomorrow, or next week, years from now someone will walk out of the hospital healthy and full of life because of what you have done today. Thank you and if you have any questions about the race or donating, I'm on Twitter at @roblong47 or email me rmlongjr at syr dot edu.

-Rob Long #47

You can make a donation or find out how to help & get involved at Rob's page.