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Operation: What Syracuse Basketball Game Is In This AT&T Commercial?

An AT&T commercial features footage from a Syracuse basketball game. But what game is it?


Got an email from Cara B. the other day...

I am an '04 Newhouse and Arts & Sciences grad and am originally from San Jose, CA. I now live in Rochester and was watching tonight's San Francisco Giants game, where I was able to record this gem of an AT&T commercial. I searched for it on YouTube and was unable to find it, so either it's new or solely regional, but any commercial starring Craig Forth is badass so I felt I had to share it with you.

Why yes, they are watching the Syracuse Orange featuring Hakim Warrick and Craig Forth.

My guess is that it's the first-round NCAA game in 2003 against the Manhattan Jaspers, but I'm not sure. Anyone want to confirm?

By the way...AT&T can use Craig Forth's game footage in a commercial to sell their products ten years after he last labored up and down the court? And you wonder why Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit is happening...