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Où Sont Le Denny's? ACC Considering Football & Basketball Games In Europe

I really don't know how long Jim Boeheim's stomach is going to make it in the ACC.


I really don't know how long Jim Boeheim's stomach is going to make it in the ACC.

Boeheim is entering the new conference with concerns about the local gastronomy. Wait til he finds out he has to play Wake Forest in Brussels.

"We need to think big," Swofford said. "One of the things we brought up to our schools last week was we may play football, we may play basketball in Europe. Across the pond, so to speak."

"The NFL is going to London, as is the NBA with some regularity," the commissioner said. "The Olympics are so successful over there. Basketball is an international sport. Football is not, but there is a growing interest in it in Great Britain.

It's not as insane an idea as it sounds for basketball. Notre Dame played some games in Dublin this past summer. You're telling me DOC Gross wouldn't be up for the Syracuse Orange vs. Duke Blue Devils in The O2 Arena? That Carrier Dome Floating Barge might happen yet...

We might not want to play in Ireland, though. It could get weird.

As for football games...terrible idea. The ACC can barely get people to show up for its marquee game in Charlotte, North Carolina. I can't imagine Berlin is going to go nuts over an American college football game between Boston College and Virginia.

By the way, "The Olympics are so successful over there?" What does that even mean? Does Swofford think the Olympics used to be an American thing and Europeans "took a liking to it?" What a weird thing to say.