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2013 NFL Draft: Justin Pugh Trades Eagles Fandom For Giants Glory

"I grew up rooting for the Eagles, but I'm a Giants guy now."


While the whole Ryan Nassib kerfuffle is what most Syracuse Orange fans are talking about, I think it's only fair that we take a little time to honor what Justin Pugh accomplished, getting drafted in the first round of the NFL DRaft by the New York Giants.

As a Giants fan myself, I cannot be more thrilled. Pugh joins a long line of blue and red hogmollies like Jim Burt, Jumbo Elliot, Bart Oates, William Roberts and more. I know it'll be tough for the Philadelphia Eagles fan to adjust, but, I'm willing to bet he'll live with the new arrangements...

Watch Pugh get the call from former Syracuse player Tom Coughlin...


The Pugh Crew came prepared for the celebration...

Pugh got the call with about 4:30 remaining on the clock, and his friends immediately started jumping on him and pulling out their smartphones to take pictures. He said his mother spent about $1,200 for every team’s hat so that he would be able to slide one over his head when the moment came. A pile of hats remained wrapped in plastic in a back room. Seattle, Cleveland and Miami were on backorder and had yet to arrive. Soon, his mother will return 28 extra hats.

So what was it that made the Giants want to invest in Pugh? His "high IQ."

"The first question he was asked was, ‘Who was the Syracuse alum you’re most familiar with?’ " said Coughlin, a Syracuse alum. "He didn’t say Jim Brown. He said Coughlin. He passed the IQ test right away."

Some are already talking about Pugh challenging for the starting right tackle spot. He's got a ways to go before he gets there, blocking for Eli Manning, but he's well on his way. Congrats Justin, even if you were a dirty Eagles fan growing up...

"I grew up rooting for the Eagles, but I'm a Giants guy now."