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2013 NFL Draft: Syracuse Orange Player Expectations

When it's all said and done, how many Syracuse Orange player names do you expect to hear from the podium?


Day one of the 2013 NFL Draft kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET as the first-round gets underway. Tomorrow, the second and third rounds will be announced starting at 6:30 p.m. ET. Finally, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds will be called on Saturday.

When it's all said and done, how many Syracuse Orange player names do you expect to hear from the podium?

Obviously, Ryan Nassib is going to be the first SU player taken. It's merely a question of whether or not he's taken tonight or tomorrow. The general opinion seems to be that either the Buffalo Bills will take him with the eighth overall pick in the first round, or he won't get drafted until the second round, point black period.

As it wont to happen, after a couple weeks of hearing how amazing Ryan is, we're now hearing a lot about how terrible he is. And at the same time, there are very strong rumors out there that Doug Marrone and Co. are considering passing on the QB who got him that job and opting for Matt Barkley, who, in fairness, beat Marrone and Nassib twice. The final SB Nation mock draft even has the Bills taking Barley and leaves Nassib off the first round board.

Personally, I still think this is an ruse ("A cunning attempt to trick me."). It's so obvious that the Bills would take Nassib that they need to throw everyone off the scent so they don't consider taking him sooner. But...we'll see.

(The question is...will you think less of Marrone & Hackett if they pick Barkley over Nassib?)

Meanwhile, there's a few other SU players who almost certainly hear their names called as well, just not tonight.

Justin Pugh: The Bears are apparently interested enough that they hosted Pugh for a private workout. If he had his choice, Pugh would go to the Philadelphia Eagles, his hometown team. I've seen Pugh mocked anywhere from late first-round to third round, so, we'll see.

Shamarko Thomas: #SHAMARKO is considered roughly the 4th or 5th best safety on the board and I've seen him in the third - fourth round area mostly. However, if a team loves his hard-hitting style and workout-maniac attitude, he may go earlier than later.

Alec Lemon: Lemon is realistic about his chances, saying "I'm probably a Saturday guy." SU's best statistical receiver of all time recently worked out with the Bills (obviously). A reunion with Marrone & Hackett wouldn't be so bad.

And speaking of the Bills, if there's any team likely to pick up guys like Zach Chibane, Deon Goggins and Marcus Sales, it's them. However if those guys can get a shot anywhere, that's just fine as well.

So here's my questions for you...

  • Where do you think SU guys will be drafted?
  • Where would you LIKE to see them end up?
  • Will you be silently judging Doug Marrone based on the numver of Syracuse players he drafts and/or signs?