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C.J. Fair: 'I Can Make A Strong Case To Be The ACC Player Of The Year'

C.J. Fair is coming back and he's got some lofty goals for the 2013-2014 season.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange fans were elated Wednesday to hear that forward C.J. Fair would return for his senior season. A day earlier, multiple reports saying he was going pro/staying/still undecided left us all dazed and confused.

Turns out, we had good reason to be confused since C.J. was even more confused than we were.

"On Sunday, I had decided to stay one more year," Fair said Wednesday. "Then on the drive back to Syracuse, I called my father and told him I had changed my mind."

Over the course of the past week, Fair said he flip-flopped "at least five times."

"I'd wake up one morning and think this is the year to go," Fair said, "and then by the afternoon, I'd think 'maybe not.'"

Fair said that NBA people were telling him he was "in the range of 22 to as late as 40," which would have put him anywhere from late first round to mid-second round. Given the uncertainty, Fair figured another year at SU would do him good.

As for what he's hoping to do in his final season in orange, Fair has huge goals...

"It's the first year in the ACC for Syracuse, and I'm on the team," Fair said. "You always want to start the first year off with a bang. I think it's something that can really help me blossom a lot. There are a lot of challenges, but I think I can make a strong case to be the ACC player of the year."

Uber-motivated Senior C.J. Fair is uber-motivated.

He's also making very confusing analogies...

"I'm not saying I'm the face of Syracuse now, but I'm definitely in the front of it."

In front of what? The face? What?