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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video

What was the best video featuring a non-athlete of the year? Find out...when we come back. Actually, just scroll down.



Being a Syracuse fan can mean a lot of things. Eschewing the negatives and focusing right in on the positive; above all the average Orange fan is creative.

Don't believe me? Just click here to see all these amazing captivating creative videos done by Syracuse followers! So, given my job, charged with picking the "best" video of the year, I've got a lot on my plate. This is a duty I don't take lightly. (Yup, I'm so laser-focused I didn't even hesitate at writing duty.) (Damn it all. Tee-hee-hee! Duty!)

OK, enough of the horsing around, let's get to what the TNIAAM family thought was the Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video of 2013:

Sean went with the video that tugged at most Orange fans heartstrings:

Next Voice of the Orange Brendan Caraher. Done. No contest. Next award.

Listen, I have a two year old son, Brady, who randomly chants, "Let's go, Orange!" while sitting in his car seat. Brady will say things like, "Dad, that's the Dome!" And, "Syracuse is winning!" even though we're watching a Knicks game. So yeah, Brendan has Sean's vote and my vote.

(And yes, I used Brendan as way to incorporate stories about my boy. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?)

Dan had gone in a different direction until he remembered the cute-factor of Brady Brendan:

EDIT: I had forgotten Brendan Caraher. That has to win this

Andy and Chris deferred from Sean, Dan, and myself, in that they don't care about the youth of America, they care only about themselves.


My Boeheimburgh report #Biased

Some great work Andy, but, alas, you're no Brendan.

And, following suit, Chris shows off his narcissistic side, too:

The Final Four preview video because that's the only one I was in.

The Invisible Swordsman goes a little football for this basketball wrap:

It was more of a football-themed video, but Sean's Signing Day video was my favorite...the Fedora is still pissed!

(I'm still shocked at the decision!)

And John Cassillo, remembering how everyone and their mother picked against Syracuse all March long (Cal is seriously just one big bucket away from stealing this game, you guys), liked the one video where a "pundit" actually gave Syracuse some love.

That pundit? Jimmy Fallon! Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon, while not strictly "media" per say, was one of the only folks on television/in print outwardly supporting Syracuse. So I'll vote for his video as a reward.

Now, from the "voting" in the comments section the following video got a lot of love, rightfully so might I add:

So, there's that.

But regardless of what anyone says, there should be no doubt who the winner is! Brady McClusky....I mean Brendan Caraher come on up, you are this year's Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video winner! Now, if Brendan's dad could spend the next 15 minutes explaining just what exactly a blog, and for that matter a video, is, that would be appreciated.

Congrats Brendan, and shame on anyone who didn't vote for this!