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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Worst Game

Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards continue as we relive the Worst Game of the 2012-13 season. (Sorry but we need to do it.)

Mitchell Layton

We've tallied up the votes and the 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards have been decided. Let's honor the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season.


The next award that will be given out is Worst Game.

There's a saying in sports that players, coaches and fans remember the bad losses more than the big wins, and though that may not be the case this season, seeing Syracuse made it to the Final Four, there were a few games this season Orange fans will want to forget but probably will not.

See, there was a time during the season when things were not going well. Remember the disappointing road loss at Marquette, which featured Syracuse blowing a late lead and opposing center DaVante Gardner playing the game of his life in 74-71 win? Or, the inexcusable loss at Villanova? (Which got some mentions in the comments section.)

There was the record-breaking-crowd contest between long-time rival Georgetown, which rode the hot shooting of Otto Porter to a 57-46 victory in front of 35,012 at the Carrier Dome.

There was also the deflating Big East Tournament final loss to the eventual National Champions, Louisville Cardinals, who trailed by 16 at halftime but crushed Syracuse in the second half.

Chris relives the heartbreaking loss...

I'm saying the loss to G-Town in the Dome, simply because it was the game I chose for my annual basketball trip to Syracuse. Listening to a drunken StrawHatGuy bitch and complain about how much Syracuse sucks for the whole second half was worse than watching Otto Porter drop 33 on the Orange.

But, there was one clear-cut Worst Game that received nearly 60-pecent of the fan vote and got the most reaction out of all of us TNIAAM contributors -- the March 9 loss to Georgetown at the Verizon Center. (PUNCHES A WALL!)

Sean's reaction...

The Georgetown loss. 39 points. Just...absolutely deflating. Thought the season was over.

Dan recalls the game...

The loss to Georgetown in Washington. I've never seen Syracuse look so lost or deflated in a game before, and the fact that it was against the Hoyas in the last ever Big East regular season game made it like 1000 times worse.

John uses this time as a therapy session...

The final game of the regular season, at Georgetown. Can't say I've ever shut off a Syracuse basketball game within the first few minutes of the second half... until this one, that is. Absolutely disgusting performance by a team I nearly gave up on right then and there. Thank God we made up for it later.

I try not to hang myself by remembering the embarrassment I felt after the loss...

Easily the March 9th loss at Georgetown. A complete meltdown by Syracuse, which led to more Jim Boeheim retirement talk and a lot of bad feeling heading into the postseason.

Sure, Syracuse was able to rally after that loss and make its incredible run to the Final Four, but that game will always be in the back of our minds whenever the Orange and Hoyas square off.

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