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Davis & Lang Appeal Dismissal Of Boeheim Slander Suit

Mike Lang and Bobby Davis have filed appeals to re-introduce the Jim Boeheim slander suit in court.

Andrew Burton

After the slander suit he and Bobby Davis brought against Jim Boeheim was dismissed, Mike Lang told the Post-Standard that he was "kind of glad (Boeheim) won," that he "didn't even want to pursue the lawsuit."

Apparently he wasn't THAT glad because Lang and Davis have filed an appeal to re-introduce the slander suit in court.

Lawyers for Bobby Davis and Mike Lang filed a 54-page brief with the Appellate Division of state Supreme Court last month, arguing that state Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph erred when he threw out their lawsuit last year.

DeJoseph should have decided the defense's request for a dismissal by giving Davis and Lang "every possible favorable inference," as court rules require, wrote their lawyer, Mariann Meier Wang. The judge should have let the case go forward and allowed a jury to decide it, she said.

Boeheim's lawyer got the original suit thrown out by arguing that Boeheim's comments, in which he called Davis and Lang "liars," was opinion.

I'm no lawdawg so I can't say for sure but I'm guessing this is more a formality than anything. Gloria Allred didn't even show up to handle this one or hold a press conference so I guess even she's just going through the motions (literally).

As you were...