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We've Been Living A Lie: George Morris III Is Actually George Morris II

Turns out, there is no George Morris III on the Syracuse football team. There is a George Morris II, however.

Jared Smith

During the 2013 Syracuse Orange spring football game, Jared Smith noticed something curious. SU running back George Morris III's jersey read "Morris II" on it.

Was it a misprint? Did the extra I fall off? Are there two George Morrises on the team? Does the other one hang out with Ritchy Dene?

Turns out there were actually no III on George Morris' jersey because, much like the Scoop Jardine/Dion Waiters cousinship, it's not actually true.

Morris' page on SU Athletics now reads II but I know I'm not crazy, it used to read III. So how the heck did that happen? Everyone's been referring to him as the III since he signed with SU. I demand answers...

Goodbye, George Morris III. Hello George Morris II. Carry on...