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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Jim Boeheim Quote

Right now it's time to find out what the Best Jim Boeheim Quote of the Year was. Will you get your Pulitzer here or at Denny's? Why would you ask that question, you disloyal idiot?

Kevin C. Cox

We've tallied up the votes and the 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards have been decided. Let's honor the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season.


Right now it's time to find out what the Best Jim Boeheim Quote of the Year was.

While this season will be remembered for the Final Four run, it has truly been a banner year for Jim Boeheim pressers and memorable quotes. We hadn't even gotten into the season before Jim said that Rick Pitino was "full of s***." And once the season did start, we were treated to such gems as "Go get your Pulitzer someplace else," and "I'll answer anybody's question by yours, because you're an idiot and you're a really disloyal person." He found a way to insult our future ACC rivals by saying "I know where all the good restaurants are now, and now I've got to go down to Clemson, S.C. I'm sure there's a couple of Denny's down there." And of course, the season ended with another classic, "Why would you ask that question?" And all of this doesn't even include the fact that Boeheim gave a gun control speech following his 900th win that included the line, "If we in this country, as Americans, can not get the people that represent us to do something about firearms we are a sad, sad society."

But which one was the best?

I said it had to be the disloyal idiot comments to Andy Katz. It's classic Boeheim. Over the top, shocking at the time, insulting to the core and, ultimately, probably a bit too much.

Dan, John & Pregler went with the Pulitzer comment, and I can't argue with the awesome-ness of it. Dan explains his reasoning:

There are probably more entertaining quotes, but none really sums up his relationship with the media better.

Chris reminded us of Boeheim's minimalist comment, "No thoughts," when asked about his thoughts on retiring.

Jared, who was at Big East Media Day, went with the "full of s***" comment, which started a mini-feud that wasn't actually a feud.

In your vote, you guys had two running neck and neck, with "full of s***" barely edging out "I'm sure there's a couple of Denny's down there," 32% to 27%.

...Love JB calling out Slick Rick for who he is. A used car salesman who will keep selling until you eventually begin to think that what he is saying could actually, possibly be true.

...Voted for Pitino because of the enormous hypocrisy to criticize anyone for doing the same thing L’Ville did to Conference USA, and then they go and about 15 seconds later they are following ’Cuse and Pitt out the door. Also for saying something completely and utterly ludicrous, solely to stir the pot.

And so, I bend to the will of the people and name "Rick's full of shit if that's what he really said" the Best Boeheim Quote of the Year.

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