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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Player Quote

Senior Brandon Triche provided the most memorable player quotes of 2012-13.

Rob Carr

We've tallied up the votes and the 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards have been decided. Let's honor the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season.


Continuing to hand out awards, here's the winner for the Best Player Quote of the season.

There was an overwhelming favorite in this category, but before we get to the winner there's a few good ones that I'd like to not forget.

The first came from Baye Moussa Keita after the memorable Big East Tournament victory that featured the junior center going 7 of 7 from the free throw line. After the game, like most Syracuse fans, Keita didn't know what to make of his performance and said: "Coach said he would use me to shoot free throws for technical fouls. I’m afraid he might be serious."

(H/T cto.)

My pick for quote of the year came from James Southerland after Syracuse's Elite 8 victory over Marquette. The senior was asked if his head coach is going to be a bit more relaxed now that he has made the Final Four. His answer?

I don't think Coach is going to be relaxed until we win a championship, that's what I say. What do you think, Coach?

Coach yelled at me when we were up 30 against Montana so I can tell you that. (Laughter.)

Meanwhile, the player that gave us the most memorable quotes was senior Brandon Triche. The four-year starter and most winningest player in program history had a lot riding on his shoulders heading into March; especially since losing badly to Georgetown on March 9th.

Before his final home game, an interview with Triche, done by's Donna Ditota, was published and this question and answer stood out the most.

When you look back at the course of your career at Syracuse, how would you judge what it has been compared to what you thought it might be?

Triche: I’d say disappointing, as far as what my personal goals were. I could say mediocre because I haven’t really reached what I thought I would be doing.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and Syracuse advanced all the way to the Final Four only to lose a close game to the Michigan Wolverines.

A day after the heartbreaking loss, Triche stayed classy and posted the most memorable quote of the season on his Facebook page.

I'm heartbroken. Syracuse gave me everything, I could only hope to return the favor. I'm sorry to who we let down, but this year was special to us from the start. My 4 years included a lot of hardships, but also so much success. I'm gunna miss this place so much. I'm gunna miss the fans even more. You all are amazing. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout my years at Cuse. I love you coach Boeheim, all the coaches I've had at Cuse and all my teammates. Thank you. And shut it down Cuse. Once a Syracuse Orange, always a Syracuse Orange.

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