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C.J. Fair Decision: Which Way Will He Go? How The Hell Should I Know?

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what C.J. Fair will say at his press conference this week.

Justin K. Aller

Every time I convince myself that C.J. Fair is going to announce as his press conference that he is staying at Syracuse for his senior season, I find an equally-convincing way to tell myself that he is leaving.

The press conference is a sign he's staying, because he's keeping up with Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary and Marcus Smart, who all held press conferences to announce they're staying. He wants to be considered in their category heading into next season and this is the first step in that. He's staying.

Then again...the press conference is a sign he's leaving...BECAUSE Robinson, McGary and Smart are staying. When that trio said they're staying, everybody on the draft board moved up three spots. Three spots might be the difference between being an early second-rounder and a late first-rounder. Either way, less talent means guys like Fair are more valuable. He's going.

Then again, I feel like he's staying because he's seen what happened to guys like Donte Greene, who got similar feedback from NBA folks about his draft potential, only to have a miserable evening as he went much, much later than anticipated. And he saw what happened to Jonny Flynn, who seemed like a sure thing but flamed out so fast, his NBA career is over before Mike Rosario is even out of college.

Then again, I feel like he's going because, look, Jonny Flynn's a millionaire. Kris Joseph went in the 2nd round last year and while the Celtics dumped him, he's currently sitting on the Brooklyn Nets bench in the NBA playoffs. That probably pays a wee bit better than playing for Syracuse. School records? Historical context? That's stuff for fans. Fans don't care about financial status or NBA dreams. They don't pay the bills (and SU only pays some of them).

Then again, I feel like he's staying because he apparently made his decision when he went back home to Baltimore. Maybe he just needed to talk it out with his family and make sure they were okay with his decision.

Then again, maybe that's why he's going. He went home and saw all the amazing things he could do for his family if he were getting an NBA paycheck, hell, even an D-League paycheck, and knew it was time.

I think he's staying because he knows he's not going to be drafted in the first round.

I think he's leaving because it's not like he's going to improve his draft stock all that much next year.

I think he's staying because he knows this team has a good shot to win the ACC and go back to the Final Four, with him as the leader.

I think he's leaving because he knows this team will be fine without him and he's already got his Final Four.

I think...honestly...I have no f***ing clue. How bout you?