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Syracuse Football: Hunt In The Hunt For QB1, Challengers Loom

While Terrel Hunt is the current favorite for the QB crown, he's going to have five competitors for the position come Fall.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If we were basing everything on the 2013 Syracuse Orange football spring game, Terrel Hunt would certainly be the starting quarterback when the Orange line up against the Penn St. Nittany Lions in August.

But of course, there is a lot more to the story than just the spring game.

First, it is worth noting that Hunt had a very, very efficient day on Saturday, completing a ton of short passes (a staple of the SU offense) and spreading things around to various receivers, backs and tight ends.

It seems fairly safe to say that although he has not gotten the job yet, Hunt seems to have separated himself from the other two quarterbacks currently on the roster (Charley Loeb, John Kinder). However, there are quite a few more quarterbacks about to join the roster.

We know that fifth-year senior Drew Allen is headed her from Oklahoma as Hunt's main threat for the position. There's also two other quarterbacks coming in as freshmen as well, Austin Wilson and Mitch Kimble. Michael Cohen asked both of them about Allen's arrival and their reactions were as expected, though Wilson added one special bit:

"It takes a little pressure off my shoulders to come in and perform right away."

Eaaaaaaaasy, Austin. Appreciate the vigor, but...easy.

Before practice begins again in the fall and five other quarterbacks attempt to take his spot, Terrel Hunt remains focused and unwilling to take anything for granted:

"My work’s not finished. It was a battle and the battle’s not over because we have another quarterback coming in, two more freshmen," Hunt said. "I’m not counting anybody out. They’re good for competition. If I’m the frontrunner now, I want to do that all through camp."