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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Walk-On/ Bench Player

The first award will be given to the Best Syracuse Bench/Walk-On Player.

Ezra Shaw

We've tallied up the votes and the 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards have been decided. Let's honor the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season.


The first award will be given to the Best Syracuse Bench/Walk-On Player.

My vote went to Russ DeRemer, for reasons entirely unrelated to anything that happened on the court:

Who cares about what they did on the floor, DeRemer's eating contest antics were the kind of things walk-ons should always be up to. Dude can eat.

Chris agrees with me...

Because, of all the walk-ons, he has the best chance to be a professional "athelete"...on the competitive eating circuit.

As does Invisible Swordsman...

Joey Chestnut with hops...Bonus points for having parents who are both SU grads!

Jared lays out his reasons for picking Nolan Hart...

Lets face it, the walk-ons this year were not great. Because of that, I am going with Hart, who some how made Jim Boeheim smile and he made Cosmopolitan's Hottest Guys of March Madness list. If you ask me, that's a solid season.

Of course, some folks think that actual basketball skills should play a role. A lot of Syracuse fans probably don't even know who Noel Jones is but John makes a case to name him the winner...

Noel Jones shot 50-percent from the floor in six appearances, plus averaged a rebound per game. Hooray, Noel!

And then there's Matt Lyde-Cajuste, who put in serious work on and off the court.

We didn't have a Brandon Reese or Matt Tomaszewski type this year who came in and could actually put the ball in the hoop on a consistent basis this year, so I'll take the kid who played division one basketball while studying to become an Aerospace Engineer.

Speaking of Lyde-Cajuste, you guys overwhelmingly chose him as the winner in the reader poll.

Given that "Lyde-Cajustening" is a common term, I didn’t think there was any other option. - E Scott

And so, presented with the information, I've decided to award the Best Walk-On/Bench Player S.O.B. to...Matt Lyde-Cajuste. Congrats, Matty!

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Look for more S.O.B. winners today and through the week...