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Syracuse's Final Four Tickets Have Sold Out

Planning to go to Atlanta for the Final Four, but still need a ticket? Well, don't plan on going to because SU's allotted ticket have already sold out.

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Rob Carr

If you are on the Syracuse University Athletics website searching for a place to buy Final Four tickets, and are like, "Dude! Where's the link that I can click on to buy tickets?!?!?. Man, now I'll need to tweet @NunesMagician to figure out what is going on."

Well, the reason you can't find a link is because Syracuse University has already sold out of its allotted Final Four tickets. The announcement was made around 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

So, for those planning to go to Atlanta but still need to buy tickets you will need to go through a second- or third-party system (StubHub, TiqIQ, CraigsList or do a dirty job for a organized crime outfit). Or, if the TNIAAM fan base is kind enough maybe they can help you out in the comments section below.

(H/T to St. Louis diasporia for point out that the NCAA has a ticket exchange website.)

Meanwhile, for those that bought tickets already, kudos to you. It seems like there will be a very big following down there, which will include Sean Keeley!