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Syracuse Daily Links - NBA Execs Chime In On C.J. Fair

"If he goes back and has a good year, he’d be a sure-fire first-round pick. He could go back and easily average 19 (points) and nine (rebounds). At 19 and nine, he’s an All-American if Syracuse is good again."

Andy Lyons

What NBA executives think about Syracuse's C.J. Fair |

"If he goes back and has a good year, he’d be a sure-fire first-round pick. He could go back and easily average 19 (points) and nine (rebounds). At 19 and nine, he’s an All-American if Syracuse is good again."

Committee addresses homophobia within SU Athletics | The Daily Orange

"One of the issues that we looked at very deeply this semester was the experience of our LGBT athletes, and I think what we found was pretty shocking," said Beth Ferri, the committee member who presented the report.

Wish We Could See Ron Thompson in Spring Game, He’s Primed to Breakout : Orange Fizz

It’s too bad the staff couldn’t start that process on the field Saturday. But if Shafer and co. can’t find him a regular spot in the attack, they’re making their own lives harder than they have to be.

2013 NFL Draft: Experts chime in on Ryan Nassib's weaknesses |

"Couple of areas I think he needs improvements," Cosell told me in a recent interview. "This is not a knock at all because no one with with very exceptions enters the NFL as a finished product at the quarterback position. I think he throws a beautiful intermediate ball. He’s got outstanding velocity on intermediate throws and very good ball location. Those are two very important things.

Poliquin: 'The Bud & Brent Show' is once again on the air for your listening pleasure |

That means, of course, that you can find us at the Ale 'n' Angus Pub on Harrison Street in downtown Syracuse where the subjects of this day range from the Syracuse University spring football game to the status of C.J. Fair to the embrace (or lack thereof) of the Syracuse Chiefs.

After starring at Arundel and Syracuse, Alec Lemon ready for NFL draft - Baltimore Sun

"This is your biggest dream, and you're so close," Lemon said. "You just want to get there, but you don't want to mess anything up, make a bad impression, not run a fast 40 or anything. It's kind of nerve-wracking because in these next couple months, your life could change."

What If College Lacrosse . . . - College Crosse

College lacrosse is pretty great as it is, but that doesn't mean that it can't receive a few tweaks to make it the best thing on Earth. While the game has grown over the last decade at an incredible rate and more eyeballs are fixated on college lacrosse than ever before, the game isn't going to get where it needs to go if it doesn't get a bit of a tune-up. Luckily, I'm here to provide some important recommendations to make college lacrosse indomitably terrific.

As his standout career nears its end, Megill continues to replicate brother’s success | The Daily Orange

"He’s a huge influence. He’s the reason why I play lacrosse," Brian said. "He’s also the reason I’m here at Syracuse and not at Maryland."

George McDonald's toughest recruiting task yet: 20,000 fans at the Syracuse football spring game |

Syracuse fans show up to welcome new coaches. The second-best attendance during the nine years that we were able to find records for came in 2009, Doug Marrone's first year. Will the fans rally around Scott Shafer the same way?

Revisiting the Fun Factor: Division I Lacrosse's Most and Least Watchable Teams - College Crosse

I, like you, was a little surprised to see Maryland ranked so high, above teams like Syracuse, Carolina, and Duke. The Terps are getting a big bump from their Pythagorean win expectation value (77.30 percent, third in the country) and the fact that only three teams are shooting the ball better than Maryland.

First Look: Syracuse – From Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician : Lake The Posts

For some rays of sunshine we get to reminisce about our thrilling season-opening win in the air conditioner-less Carrier Dome (still one of the great sports stadium name ironies of all time) with our friend Sean Keeley, the creator and editor of the best Syracuse blog, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician (besting LTP for most obscure blog title name).

Gunma making progress under Blackwell's leadership - The Japan Times

Head coach Ryan Blackwell has only been at the helm for 36 games, officially taking over 10 games into the season. Original Gunma coach Tadashi Hayashi was shown the door after an 0-8 start. Blackwell’s assistant, Kesiuke Hirose, was on the sideline, and Blackwell watched from the stands that first weekend (Nov. 3-4) while his work visa paperwork was processed.

Hannah Redfield, a junior at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, captured fellow Syracuse student Hannah Melton in a daze following dental surgery. As Melton explained the woes of her life as "Hannah Montana," Redfield pressed record and captured the moments that have caught the attention of over 130,000 viewers, Reddit, the Elvis Duran Show, and The Ellen Show. "Hannah Montana Wisdom Teeth" has become a viral sensation both on and off the Internet.