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10 Thoughts On This SU Greek Life Video

When I see people espousing on the wonders and glories of joining a fraternity or sorority, my shackles go right up. Because I'm a sarcastic jerk, here's my reactions...


You'll have to excuse me. When I see people espousing on the wonders and glories of joining a fraternity or sorority, my shackles go right up. I mean, they're fine and if you want to join one, have at it. Have fun. Do things. I just don't like when people talk about the greek system like it's the only way to go to college (while also avoiding all the s****y things that invariably exist within it).

Still, I decided to give the below video a shot.

I knew within two minutes I was going to write this. Here we go...

(Let the record show all of these people are probably lovely and I am a monster)

1. "There's really no way to describe [the night I joined a sorority]."

There are SO MANY WAYS to describe it. So many.

2. "All of us are together all the time. We're always playing XBox together. We know when people are doing well in school. We know when people are in trouble."

As someone who didn't join a frat while at Syracuse, I can't tell you what a struggle it was. I lived alone all four years, never speaking to another human being. I owned an XBox but never played it because I had no one to play it with. I had absolutely do idea how well other people were doing or whether they were in trouble. It was literal Hell on Earth.

3. "They want to know how I'm doing. And it's never, 'How are you?,' it's always 'How was your test?' or 'How was that big project you were working on?'"

What a bunch of a**holes. They never just ask how are you but instead constantly pester you with questions about how your grades are? Didn't we go away to college to get AWAY from our parents?

4. "Academic life. Leadership positions. Community service. Those are the things that really stick out as priorities that are emphasized in the Greek community."



5. "I think it's important that everyone experiences different cultures."


6. "One of my best friends in the chapter is from Thailand."

Give that man a "Cultured" stamp!

7. "There's one [chapter member] from Georgia. He wants to raise a farm. It's really cool."


8. "You know, it's hard going to the library by yourself, but if you're going with your five best friends it makes it a whole lot easier."

What are you doing at the library that requires six of you?

9. "My GPA went up when I joined my organization. I wanted to do well."

Unlike the rest of us, who spent all four years trying to shame our friends into hanging out with low GPA-having jerks.

10. "Think Greek."

Όχι, ευχαριστώ.