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Syracuse Football: Hunt Shines, Thompson Recovering & Raymon Rising

We'll have an up close and personal review of Sunday's Syracuse Orange football open spring practice shortly but in the meantime, here's what everyone else is saying...


We'll have an up close and personal review of Sunday's Syracuse Orange football open spring practice shortly but in the meantime, here's what everyone else is saying...

First of all, I feel like we haven't gotten a #Hardnosed in a while...

"I love the competition," Shafer said. "I am really enjoying coaching this bunch. They are getting stronger every day with regards to playing the game the way it's meant to be played – hardnosed, physical football game. I was real pleased with today's practice."

Thanks, Coach. Seriously though, are you pleased with the way things are going or real pleased?

"I was real pleased with the way the kids competed," Shafer said. "We had to pull them off each other a little bit there at the end, which is a good thing. I love the competition.

"A lot of heated battles out there. Kids trying to beat each other out. You wanna be right on the brink right there. Today we played through the echo of the whistles maybe a little bit more than we'd like come fall."

According to Nate Mink at, three guys who really stood out Sunday were QB Terrel Hunt, RB Jerome Smith and DB Keon Lyn.

Speaking of Hunt, the quarterback situation is the one most people are keyed in on, and that's before Drew Allen even gets here. Hunt earned a good chunk of first-team reps in the past week, leading folks to believe he may have passed Charley Loeb for the top spot. OC George McDonald says it's simpler than that.

"I think he’s made plays when he’s had the ball in his hands in competitive situations," Syracuse offensive coordinator George McDonald said. "He’s commanded the offense. Charley has done a nice job, but I think the biggest thing in the program is that we want to reward guys who compete and who compete at a high level and are consistent. I think that’s maybe the one thing Hunt did last week to get himself some more reps this week."

For his part, Loeb didn't look particularly impressive on Sunday.

As for the impending arrival of Drew Allen, whom no one at SU is supposed to be talking about, Terrel Hunt is excited (or so he says):

"I think it’s good for us," Hunt said of Allen's commitment. "Good competition. Nobody shies away from competition here. ... We’ll see what happens."

Meanwhile on the defensive side of the ball, Iowa transfer John Raymon brings some mighty big expectations with him on that big frame.

"Just a lot of explosion, a lot of creativity and just a big body that wants to go forward," Bromley said. "We both have a lot of things to work on, like fundamentals, but as far as getting penetration, he can do that. Hands down."

"He gets in the backfield tremendously well," running back George Morris III said. "He uses his power and he uses his strength, his raw strength, just to get back there and just make plays."

Raymon told the D.O. that he "wasn't ready" for big-time football at Iowa and had a hard time balancing academics and football. Sounds like he's found a way to balance that out now. Hope so.

Finally, one guy who is brimming with expectations is sophomore tight end Ron Thompson. The four-star recruit was expected to be a part of the offense as a freshman before a blood-flow issue in his hip ended his season. So far, Thompson is just getting back into a groove physically but he's putting in the work otherwise:

"Oh man, Ron's done a great job," McDonald said. "He's in every meeting. He's asking questions. His notebook is filled with all the meeting notes. He's done a great job being locked in mentally and staying in tune with the offense. He's taken not a lot of physical reps, but a lot of mental reps."

"We're trying to work him and progress him to get him back on the field fully healthy," McDonald said. "Once we get him on the field, from a football standpoint he's one of our smarter guys as far as picking up concepts. It won't be anything mental."

Here's some videos from from Sunday as well...