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Cal Really Is Trying To Get Back In This

Like Dan Bonner prophesied, "Cal can still get right back in this." It turns out, they're not done trying.

Ezra Shaw

We'll always remember the run to the 2013 Final Four by this Syracuse Orange squad. That's obvious. But who knew we'd probably remember our "third" round game against the California Golden Bears so fondly?

Because there's just no way we're ever forgetting how "If Crabbe heats up, Cal is right back in this."

We figured we would leave it there and the whole thing would become the stuff of legend. How wrong we were...

First of all, it occurred to me yesterday that Cal is in the 2013 Maui Invitational. You know who else is in the Maui Invitational? The Syracuse Orange. It doesn't mean we'll definitely play, but it does mean that Cal is one scheduling away from getting back in this...

Cal also recently released an "updated visual identity" with Nike called "Respect The Past. Represent The Future." That's a pretty good slogan, I'm surprised Nike hasn't done that with someone before.

Oh wait...they did. Nine years ago. With Syracuse.

You guys, one way or another, Cal is going to get back in this. And then we're going to be stuck hanging out with these guys again...

H/T: UniWatch & John C.