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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards Voting: Biggest Villain/Nemesis

It's time to decide who you consider Syracuse's Biggest Villain/Nemesis for 2012-2013.


The 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards are here. Honoring the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season, we here at TNIAAM are splitting the process between ourselves and you, the dear readers.


The category up for debate at the moment is Biggest Villain/Nemesis. Who was the person that caused Syracuse fan's more pain, stress and steak of turmoil than anyone else over the course of the season.

Was it Otto Porter, who lit up SU for 33 points and ruined the final Carrier Dome meeting between the two schools and then helped Georgetown embarass the Orange in a 61-39 beatdown a few weeks later?

Was it John Thompson, Jr., who couldn't help himself after the Hoyas beat the Orange in the Verizon Center, uttering "Kiss Syracuse goodbye"? That he then had to work the radio call for Georgetown's loss to FCGU and then Syracuse's return to the Final Four was nice bit of karmic payback.

Was it Rick Pitino, who kicked off the season by saying Syracuse would be easily replaced by Temple & Memphis before leading Louisville to two wins in three games against the Orange, including a Big East Tournament championship game throttling? That he then won the National Title with the Cardinals doesn't help his case.

Was it The Media, a shady, aggregated collection of agitators that include Pat Forde, who kept lobbing veiled threats about impending doom to the program all season, Dennis Dodd, who took a stale story and turned it into shock & horror, Gregg Doyel, who asked a kinda-dumb question at an extremely-dumb time, Andy Katz, for his disloyalty and idiocy, and ESPN, who is ESPN?

Below you'll find a poll to cast your vote in. Cast it. Then, in the comments, provide some commentary on your selection. Can be a sentence. Can be a couple sentences. Can be a paragraph or two.

We'll close voting in 24 hours and tally up the results. The TNIAAM crew will make their own selection and then we'll combine the results to pick our winner. We'll announce the winner in a post next week that includes some of your comments as well as ours.

For more on the 2013 S.O.B. Awards, other categories and previous winners, click here. To check out how the voting is going in other categories, head over to the S.O.B. Award Hub.

And so, it's time to decide who you consider Syracuse's Biggest Villain/Nemesis for 2012-2013.