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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards Voting: Best Boeheim Quote Of The Year

It's time to decide what the best Boeheim Quote of the Year was. Get to it, you disloyal idiot.

Kevin C. Cox

The 2013 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards are here. Honoring the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball season, we here at TNIAAM are splitting the process between ourselves and you, the dear readers.


The category up for debate at the moment is Best Jim Boeheim Quote of the Year. My goodness, this could be a fun one. So many greats to choose from...

Some choices that come to mind...

  • "I'll answer anybody's question but yours, because you're an idiot and really a disloyal person. I have a few other things I could add, but I'm not gonna go there." - Boeheim to Andy Katz following SU's win over UConn.
  • "Why would you ask that question? I expect it from you, I know you." - Boeheim to Gregg Doyel after Doyel asked him if he was considering retiring following SU's loss to Michigan.
  • "I know where all the good restaurants are now, and now I've got to go down to Clemson, S.C. I'm sure there's a couple of Denny's down there. They’ll like me a lot now in Clemson. I like to make friends before I get down there." - Boeheim following SU's win over Providence.
  • "Rick's full of shit if that's what he really said." - Boeheim to Adam Zagoria discussing Rick Pitino's comments that the addition of Temple & Memphis more than makes up for the loss of Syracuse & Pitt in the Big East.
  • "Well, you know, I'm pretty much ready to go play golf somewhere." - Boeheim following the 61-39 loss to Georgetown, doing himself no favors in the retirement rumor department.
  • "What are you doing?" - Boeheim to Baye Keita in the Louisville BET Game. Simple. Perfect.
  • "He's the most live athlete I think I've ever had." - Boeheim describing Jerami Grant following SU's win over Louisville. Still have no idea what it means.
  • "If we in this country, as Americans, can not get the people that represent us to do something about firearms we are a sad, sad society." - Boeheim after winning his 900th game just days after the Newtown shooting.
  • UPDATE - I can't believe I forgot "Go get your Pulitzer someplace else." That's how many great quotes Boeheim had this year. Added to the poll, will keep in mind it was a late addition.

Below you'll find a poll to cast your vote in. Cast it. Then, in the comments, provide some commentary on your selection. Can be a sentence. Can be a couple sentences. Can be a paragraph or two.

We'll close voting in 24 hours and tally up the results. The TNIAAM crew will make their own selection and then we'll combine the results to pick our winner. We'll announce the winner in a post next week that includes some of your comments as well as ours.

For more on the 2013 S.O.B. Awards, other categories and previous winners, click here. To check out how the voting is going in other categories, head over to the S.O.B. Award Hub.

And so, it's time to decide what the best Boeheim Quote of the Year was. Get to it, you disloyal idiot.