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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge: The Winners!

Congrats, Top 3, you all picked L'Ville over Michigan.


Here are the winners!

1 bobby's Outstanding Bracket bobby 43 of 63 123 57 180
2 Otto's Iowan Army Patrick G 44 of 63 143 34 177
3 Cuse all the way Amber 45 of 63 132 38 170

Since none of your email addresses are public, I'm trusting you, and the other good-natured chaps and fillies on this site, to be honest and email Sean (seanmkeeley at yahoo) to collect your prizes.

It's been a fun, wild trip. As sad as I am about the ending, Final Four was far beyond what I was expecting.

As an aside, to those wo've been following, Felonious Phunk did finish ahead of me in the 'points-garnered' category. However, he picked Syracuse to lose to Indiana and I did I at least have my dignity.

Now, because there is a minimum word count, I'm going to take this time to pontificate on how this is the best time of the sports year. NCAA Tourney/Baseball Opening/Masters pwns any other combo.

The End.