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S*** Just Got Real: TNIAAM Is Headed To Atlanta

Going to Atlanta to watch Syracuse beat Michigan? I'll meet you there...


I started this blog in 2005 with fourteen dollars, one rickety pontoon and a dream. To sell homemade moonshine called Grandpa Sean's Sassy Sippin' Whiskey.

That dream died very early on and it was replaced with Seeing The Syracuse Orange Basketball Team Win A National Championship Live.

Two things need to happen for that dream to become a reality:

1. The SU basketball team needs to win two more games.

2. I need to go to Atlanta.

I can't control No. 1 but I can control No. 2. And thanks to an extremely awesome person who is awesomely awesome (a shady benefactor, if you will), it's time for me to make No. 2.

I'm headed to Atlanta to watch the Syracuse Orange take on the Michigan Wolverines in the Final Four this Saturday.

I don't know anything other than that. Frankly, I don't need to. All I know is, if you're going, we're hanging out and hugging (one way or another).

You guys...