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How To Grow An Orange: New Publisher, New Price

HTGAO has a new publisher and is cheaper. Hooray!

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Just wanted to share a quick update about my book, How To Grow An Orange.

Back in December, the company I published the book through went out of business. So, I was forced to reprint the book elsewhere. It turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise as I found a new home for the book with CreateSpace and got the excuse I needed to make a couple edits (Larry Csonka is back to NOT wearing No. 44).

The old version is still available on Amazon and other places but I wanted to make sure you guys knew that you can find the new listing here. The new paperback version of HTGAO is a little bit cheaper ($14.99), but there's no change to the content. The e-reader version is still available for $3.99 here.

For those who ordered the autographed version a while back and have been waiting for it, I've finally got my copies to send your way. Look for them in the mail next week.

Thanks all for reading and spreading the word to your fellow SU fans.