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Syracuse Football Pro Day: Everyone's Happy

Syracuse University Pro Day was the media's last time getting together at Manley to talk to some of our favorite Orange football guys. Nassib, Pugh, Lemon, and Thomas all said they either perfected drills they didn't do so well on at the combine or in the case of Zack Chibane, setting a personal record in all of his workouts.


The Syracuse University Pro Day featured 29 of the 32 NFL Scouts (the missing three either had travel issues or have already set up private meetings) looking at all of our favorite former football players. Ryan Nassib, Alec Lemon, #SHAMARKO Thomas and Justin Pugh highlighted the day, but other non-combine invites such as Zack Chibane, Deon Goggins and Siriki Diabate had the chance to impress the boys from the NFL.

The biggest workout buzz was around Justin Pugh's bench press. The tackle didn't bench at the combine due to a shoulder issue that he says is now a non issue right now. Pugh benched 22 times, right around the average for offensive lineman. "I wanted to show teams that [my shoulder] is 100% and that I'm back to where I was before I was injured."

Zach Chibane had an impressive day of workouts, running a 5.3 40 yard dash and performing the bench press 27 times. Both of these would have been top numbers for offensive linemen. "I trained my butt off and did the best I could." According to Coach Will Hicks, who ran the Pro Day, all of Chibane's numbers were personal records.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Ryan Nassib, who said he just threw for the scouts. Nassib said he's been working on getting used to making NFL style zone reads, an offensive Syracuse ran this past season. "The biggest thing about the read zone is making good decisions," the quarterback said. "If you have to run, pull it in and run. I'm not going to split a 60 yard run like RG3 or Kapernick but I can get 3 or 4."

Alec Lemon improved his vertical leap to 37 inches and was trying to work on his speed, which he said was the biggest thing NFL Scouts told him to work on. "I get separation and get open," Lemon said. "I lack speed but I get open." The wide out said that he spoke with the Saints.

Finally our favorite combine hero, #SHAMARKO Thomas spoke about that famous face plant at the 40 yard dash. "When I crossed the finish line, I tired to stop on a dime," said #SHAMARKO. "I was wearing new Nike cleats that aren't out yet, they're like track spikes, and they said I couldn't stop but I forgot."

Other Note Worth Mentioning.

Bills General Manager was the only NFL GM present and is scheduled to have a private workout with Ryan Nassib. Start the rumors now.