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Syracuse vs. Georgetown: Battle Without Honor or Humanity (with Haiku)

The rematch between the Orange and the Hoyas is on Saturday. What better way to prepare than a poetry battle?

Mitchell Layton

Syracuse and Georgetown. Georgetown and Syracuse. Longtime foes engaged in fierce battle from the beginning of time (circa 1979) and destined to continue for all eternity (we hope).

Though the last meeting was a disappointment for the Orange, the days prior to the contest featured what is likely the greatest pre-game thread of all time.

So many haikus

It was a thing of beauty

And Georgetown still sucks.

Inspired by the epic literary showdown that took place just two weeks ago, I've decided to offer a challenge to the Nunesian Nation; the Georgetown Hate Week, Pt. II Haiku Contest. Here's how it works:

  • Leave your Syracuse haiku in the comments.
  • Only one entry per Nunesian.
  • Vote for your favorite by Rec'ing it.
  • Try to limit yourself to three total votes.
  • The entry with the most Rec's by tip off on Saturday earns the author the title of Poet Laureate of the Otto-Man Empire.

Have at it. And remember, it's (insert current time), and Georgetown still sucks.