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Syracuse Seniors: Brandon Triche 'Disappointed', James Southerland Still 'Fighting'

Triche and Southie look back on their Syracuse careers and how it changed them.


Wednesday, the Syracuse Orange play basketball in the Carrier Dome for the final time this season. For Brandon Triche and James Southerland, it's the final time they'll play basketball in the Carrier Dome ever.

The two seniors, both of whom have had a tumultuous-at-times season, sat down for their exit interview with and shared some insight into how they've viewed their time in orange.

Brandon Triche is, quite frankly, disappointed with his Syracuse career.

As far as personally. I like to reach my goals. And every time I don’t, I don’t say, ‘Well, OK, whatever.’ I have to prove to myself that I can do it. And then I get a little bit disappointed.

Still, the senior has always tried to put criticism in perspective and use it to become better:

Numbers are numbers, but I’m always positive. I think there’s a reason why people say something. It could be something that’s out of bounds and tough and you know that’s not right, but if it’s relative to me becoming a better player, than I can take something out of it...I haven’t seen any criticism this year that I can’t use. It’s not people slandering my ability. It’s ‘I think you should do this’ or ‘I know you can do this.’ Instead of, ‘You suck. You can’t do it.'

While playing time has never been an issue for Triche, it was for Southerland. How did he work his way into the lineup along the way?

Always fighting. I was always fighting and that’s how the real world is. You’re going to be fighting for your job every day. My freshman year, I didn’t play for most of the year. It was kind of demoralizing. But honestly, that’s how it works. You’ve got to keep pushing every day. You’ve got to keep working because one day your name is going to be called. You’ve got to be ready. It feels great that this year it’s really paying off.

How did Southie deal with his mid-season suspension? Turns out he couldn't even bring himself to watch the road games:

I watched those games alone. Nobody around. I can’t watch the game with anybody. The first road game I missed was Louisville and I didn’t even watch the first half. I knew it was going to be a tough game. I feel like I’m bad luck when I watch my teams on TV. That’s how it is with my professional teams. If I watch the Jets play, they lose. So I decided I wasn’t going to watch the Louisville game. But then I saw the score and I saw that Brandon was having a great game. I got the updates on my phone. So I had to turn it on.