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Syracuse Daily Links - Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Catching up on the Indiana win and looking ahead to the Marquette showdown.

Rob Carr

Jim Boeheim and Buzz Williams: Two coaches that couldn’t be more different | CollegeBasketballTalk

"I’m not a big proponent of scouting, film work," he said. "I probably watch less film than anybody in the country. We know what we need to do. Everybody in this business knows what they need to do. It’s a question of if you can execute it in the game."

Sorry, Syracuse: Why the 'Hot Hand' in Basketball (Maybe) Isn't a Real Thing - Ashley Fetters - The Atlantic

Though Michael Carter-Williams scored a lot of points on Thursday night, he did not have a hot hand—not by Gilovich's logic, anyway. But if you were fooled, or remain unconvinced, you're in good company.

Anatomy of an Upset: Syracuse Zones Out the Hoosiers - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

It certainly didn’t help that Carter-Williams picked a bad time (if you’re Indiana) to find an outside shooting stroke (the sophomore guard drained two long 2s and two 3s last night despite being a poor outside shooter), but regardless, the Hoosiers just couldn’t stop this action enough to stay in a game in which they were struggling to score.

Anonymous Eagle 8-Bit Previews: TOURNAMENT EDITION! Syracuse - Anonymous Eagle

In the Dance, Syracuse seal-clubbed an overmatched and undermanned Montana team by 50, nipped Cal in what amounted to a home game for the 12th-seeded Golden Bears (good effort there, Committee), and then exposed all of Tom Crean's warts for the world to see in a dominating 61-50 win over the Hoosiers. If it wasn't for that catastrophe against UofL, you'd say without reservation that Syracuse is playing its best ball at the most important time of year.

Watch – Exclusive one-on-one with Gerry McNamara : Sports :

"I think this team has a shot," said McNamara. "Obviously we are going to play a really difficult opponent to try to get to Atlanta, and [it’s] Marquette, an opponent that we are familiar with."

Syracuse beats Indiana as Brandon Triche wins one for uncle Howard |

In Syracuse's post-game press conference, Triche was asked if he had heard from his uncle yet. "No,'' Triche said. "I haven't checked my phone. I'm sure he hit me up but I haven't looked at it yet.''

In Sweet 16 win over Indiana, Syracuse shows power of zone - March Madness 2013 - Pete Thamel -

"The zone can neutralize," Hopkins said with a gleam in his eye, "a looooooot of things."

Lenn Robbins writes that Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 zones bamboozles another foe, this time the Indiana hoosiers -

"From a basketball standpoint, he really believes in what he does,’’ said former Maryland coach Gary Williams, a long-time Boeheim pal. "How many coaches would have the 2-3 as their signature. But his belief in it and his ability to teach it, it’s as good as anybody’s defense, whether you play man to man or zone.’’

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says he learned (slowly) to rely on the zone defense |

"The short history of our zone is we started out as a man-to-man team with some zone and over the years our zone got better, but we still played man,'' Boeheim said. "The problem when you play man, you have to spend an hour on your man defense every day and when you play your preseason games, your non-conference games, if you're playing man your zone isn't getting better.''

Michael Carter-Williams gives his family and Syracuse fans something to smile about |

"My family was over there, my mom was over there," Carter-Williams said. "You know, we’ve been going through some tough times. And I’m just trying to bring a smile to my family’s face and have them enjoy themselves."

Baye Moussa Keita survives scary fall, helps Syracuse shut down Cody Zeller |

"Just a cut, no big deal," Keita said later, in a happy Syracuse locker room. "I got the cut. That was it."

Syracuse basketball exorcising some demons in Washington, D.C. |

If you had proclaimed then that Syracuse was a team that would be one win away from a Final Four, we may have had a priest come visit you to see if there were any demons occupying your body to make such a crazy statement. But we know the story by now.

How will Syracuse contain the big, bulky presence of Marquette's Davante Gardner? |

Syracuse learned how much Gardner’s size and stealth matters. When the teams met on Feb. 25 in Milwaukee, Gardner scored a career-high 26 points in a season-high 33 minutes. He made all of the seven field goals he attempted. And when he went to the free-throw line, he proved the Marquette fan chant of "auto-matic" prophetic.

Cardozo track standout Sabrina Southerland, younger sister of Syracuse basketball star James Southerland, wins Armory Track and Field Center Athlete of the Year award - NY Daily News

Sabrina Southerland is considered one of the country's top middle-distance runners and will soon decide where to attend college.

NCAA Tournament 2013: Best and worst from Thursday's Sweet 16 games -

All-Sweet 16 Thursday Team - Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse - The ultra-talented sophomore may have played his best game to date at Syracuse, scoring a career-high 24 points to go with six rebounds. He also terrorized the smaller Indiana guards at the top of the Orange's 2-3 zone, and finished with a game-high four steals.

Donovan McNabb Is Mad About Tony Romo's New Contract

Donovan McNabb, for the record, has nine career playoff wins. But seven losses. And the last of those losses, in January 2010, happened to come against the Dallas Cowboys. It was Tony Romo's only playoff win.

Indianapolis Star reporter Michael Boren, a Syracuse fan, watched his beloved Orange beat IU on March 28 at popular IU bar Kilroy's in Downtown Indianapolis. He wasn't afraid to be the vocal minority, but there were consequences for his orange foam finger.

Indiana couldn't solve SU's 2-3 zone. Can Marquette? As CitrusTV's Ted Goldberg tells us, the Golden Eagles have experience against the Orange...which might not bode well for the 'Cuse.

In the part of the season where it's "win or go home," Michael Carter-Williams put up his biggest numbers of the season to move Syracuse to the Elite 8 for the second straight season.