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Syracuse 61 - Indiana 50: Guys, We're Going Back To The Elite Eight

The Syracuse Orange basically dominated the Indiana Hoosiers with their zone defense and quality guard play to advance to the Elite 8.

Rob Carr

A lot of people are going to say that the Indiana Hoosiers were absolutely mystified by the 2-3 zone that the Syracuse Orange hammered them with in their 61-50 win Thursday night.

Honestly, I'm not even sure it's that specific. Indiana looked absolutely lost whenever Syracuse played DEFENSE.

In a game that seemed way easier than it was supposed to be, the Orange advance to their second-consecutive Elite 8, which is something they've never done. They'll face their old friend, the Marquette Golden Eagles, at 4:30 pm EST on Saturday. We owe Marquette for that loss during the season as well as their win over us in the tourney a few years back.

Michael Carter-Williams had his best shooting performance in a long time, possibly ever, and proved himself worthy of the hype. Brandon Triche was up-and-down but did his uncle proud in key moments. Baye Matrix Keita shed some blood and hit his free throws, as you expect. And for the most part, everyone else played a part, especially on defense.

We can debate whether or not this team is as good as last year's, but that's not the point. Each team plays the field in front of them and this team has played it's field extremely well. And I don't want to get cocky, but the road to the Final Four is right there, waiting for us to walk down it. No reason we can't.

And if anyone even mentions gravy, they're banned...