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Syracuse vs. Indiana: The Game Within The Game

Syracuse faces Indiana in the Sweet Sixteen Thursday night in Washington, DC. But you can get in on the action without having to travel into enemy territory. Here's how.

This guy is ready to play.
This guy is ready to play.

Welcome to the Syracuse Orange vs. Indiana Hoosiers Sweet Sixteen drinking game. Be warned: This is not for the weak of heart, or stomach.

Note: does not condone binge drinking of any kind. We're talking soda here, kids.

Take a sip if…

  • Keith Smart’s name is mentioned
  • The 1987 championship game is mentioned
  • Bobby Knight is mentioned
  • Howard Triche is mentioned
  • The fact that this game is being played in Georgetown’s home arena is mentioned
  • Tom Crean’s relationship to the Harbaugh brothers is mentioned
  • Bill Raftery breaks off one of his signature phrases (“man-ta-man”, “with a kiss”, “a little nylon”)
  • Jim Boeheim is shown making a displeased face or flailing his arms like a baby condor
  • Someone refers to a player’s NBA prospects (specifically Michael Carter-Williams, Victor Oladipo, or Cody Zeller)
  • A famous Syracuse or Indiana grad (non-player) is shown on camera
  • A Syracuse center fumbles away an easy layup
  • Someone hits a three-pointer

Take a drink if…

  • CBS shows the clip of Smart’s shot
  • This year’s SU losses to Georgetown and/or victory over Georgetown are mentioned
  • Georgetown’s loss to FGCU is mentioned
  • John Thompson (Jr. or III) is shown on camera
  • It is mentioned that this is the possible last game for James Southerland or Brandon Triche
  • Howard Triche’s relationship to Brandon is mentioned
  • CBS interviews anyone from the 1987 Syracuse team (excluding Jim Boeheim)
  • Any member of the Harbaugh family (including Crean’s wife) are shown on camera
  • Raftery says “zone defense with man-ta-man principles”
  • Jim Boeheim touches his nose on camera
  • Indiana forward Will Sheehey’s father Michael (a former SU player) is mentioned
  • Anyone makes a pun about Rakeem Christmas’s last name
  • Someone mentions Mike Hopkins’ job prospects
  • Dajuan Coleman gets into the game
  • The famous Sherman Douglas ‘hike the ball between his legs’ play is shown
  • A former Syracuse or Indiana player is shown on camera (excluding Howard Triche, Michael Sheehey, or Jim Boeheim)
  • Joe Biden is shown on camera

Finish your drink if…

  • CBS interviews anyone from the 1987 Indiana team
  • Jim Boeheim picks his nose on camera
  • We see the inside of one of Boeheim’s customized suits
  • A Syracuse walk-on gets into the game
  • Indiana wins the game
  • Syracuse wins the game!