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Syracuse vs. Indiana: Is This The Suit Jim Boeheim Will Wear Tonight?

I spoke with the designers of Jim Boeheim's custom suit and found out he's got more than one special surprise underneath that sports coat.

Adrian Jules Custom Clothier

We were all enthralled on Monday when we realized that while the Syracuse Orange were defeating the California Golden Bears, he was wearing a suit with a lining of Jim Boeheim Court in the Carrier Dome (see a much cleaner look at the lining here).

Excited by the possibility that Boeheim wears nothing but custom-made suits with Syracuse-related photos, I did some digging. I traced the origin of the suit back to Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers in Rochester. And pretty soon after that, I found myself talking to Adriano & Peter Roberti about the suit and what else we might expect to see on the court when Syracuse takes on the Indiana Hoosiers in the Sweet Sixteen (and beyond?).

First, some background. Adrian Jules began as a custom tailoring shop in 1964 and has since grown to include retail stores all over Upstate New York and employ 80 tailors for their made-to-order suits. Their clientele includes Ed Reed, Shaq, many of the New York Yankees and more. When it comes to Syracuse, they've also got plenty of clients, including John Wallace, Billy Owens, Will Allen, Kevin Johnson and Donovan Darius.


The Robertis with John Wallace

However, with Boeheim, who has been a longtime client, they knew they wanted to do something special. The idea came up to style Jimmy B for each specific season, including March Madness. Jim likes his fun touches without being too boastful, and from that, many Syracuse-themed touches came to be.

According to the Roberti's, the last button hole of every Jim Boeheim suit is always orange. As for the Carrier Dome suit, that photo was apparently taken from Club 44's vantage point and was from last year's Georgetown game.

So which suit will Boeheim wear tonight (and, hopefully, Saturday)? The Robertis weren't sure. He might very well keep wearing the same jacket for luck. Or he might go with a black sport coat that includes a solid orange lining. Or he could choose this navy sport coat with Syracuse logos inside.


So now you know what to look for when you want to find out what's going on underneath Jim Boeheim's sport coat. If you want to lean more about Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers, check out their website and Facebook page. And if you want to find out how to get a custom-made, Syracuse-lined suit of your own, call Peter Roberti at 585-381-1111. He makes a couple trips to Syracuse from Rochester each week so catch him when you can.