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We Truly Live In The Golden Age Of Syracuse March Madness Theme Songs

You thought you had heard all the Syracuse March Madness theme songs for this year. You were wrong. So very, very wrong.


Earlier this week we found out that someone had made a theme song for the Syracuse Orange and their run through March Madness. We all downloaded it to our iPods, started playing it ad nauseum, learned all the words and thought that was the end of it.

We were wrong. So very, very wrong.

Two more entries in the battle to be the Syracuse Orange March Madness Theme Song in your heart have emerged.

First up, Gomez & Dave have released their annual song for the Orange basketball team's post-season run. In the Zone, based on The White Stripes' hit Seven Nation Army, features local singer D.R. Rydher from 3 Inch Fury on vocals.

Next up, we are treated to the release of Joey Simz’ debut single, "I Bleed Orange." You'll have to purchase it either on his website or iTunes to hear the full version, but I can tell you it contains references to Manny's, the Carrier Dome, Jim Brown, Boeheim and Julie, Otto, Dinosaur Barbeque, The Legend of 44 and my book How To Grow An Orange.

Look, if you're going to make a Syracuse-themed song that references my book, I'm going to write about it. That's clearly stated in the contract.

Enjoy making your Syracuse March Madness Playlist, everyone. Next time someone stops you on the Quad and asks what you're listening to, it better be one of these songs.