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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge: Round 3[2?] Update

Who is Tom Dayton? And what has he taught us about March Madness this year?

Tha Sadz
Tha Sadz

Here's the Top 10 as they were at 8pm, before factoring in tonight's Maryland @ Alabama results...

The full standings can be found here.


bobby's Outstanding Bracket bobby 36 of 48 47 53 100
2 The Redemption Of Scoop Jared 36 of 48 46 46 92
3 Tarzan lives Rich 33 of 48 38 53 91
4 My bracket is the go-to guy Colin B 31 of 48 39 51 90
5 Georgetown forever sucks peg 35 of 48 43 45 88
6 CMar Bracket 1 chris 34 of 48 44 40 84
6 VarsityWingsAreBetterThanSex LarryCuse 34 of 48 44 40 84
8 Greg's Great Bracket Greg 35 of 48 47 36 83
9 Lets Do This! Matthew H 35 of 48 47 33 80
9 #EvilCJ 49982072 34 of 48 44 36 80


1) Yes, Bobby, your bracket is outstanding. Your inability to duck the generic Yahoo team-name generator is not.

2) The Redemption of Scoop is riding primarily on the success of picking FGCU in the Sweet 16. Seriously. No Joke. I know a lot of folks had them as a sexy upset vs G-Town [including FeloniousPhunk, who I am now beating]...but geez. Congrats.

3) The best score by base Yahoo value [sans seed multipliers] is 47, which is shared by several players.

4) I was seconds away from being right about Temple over IU...sigh....I guess I'll settle for top 40, I know most of us would at this point.

5) The last-place complete bracket belongs to Tom Dayton's Swag Bracket. Tom Dayton selected all chalk in the 1st round. Perhaps it was a social experiment, perhaps it was a calculated safeguard against all the inclinations of others to pick upsets. What ever it was, it stands as a testament about this year's tourney that the last-place bracket picked all the favorites. [and don't say it's because of seed multipliers, Mr. Dayton is close to dead-last in correct actual picks, too]

6) Sorry to pick on you, Tom Dayton. You just intrigue me so much.