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Sorry, Jim Boeheim: Denny's Opening First NYC Location

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Sorry Jim, even if we hadn't move to "Denny's country," Denny's country came to us.

Ezra Shaw

It's well-documented that Jim Boeheim bases all of his life decisions on what kind of food he can get to eat in a specific place. Hell, his Olympic blogs were basically food critic rants peppered with information about LeBron James.

Jim likes things the way he likes them and that's it. And with the Syracuse Orange moving to the ACC where they're trading in long-time haunts like Providence and Philadelphia for Clemson and Raleigh, it's enough to make a foodie like Jim freak out over the idea that he's destined to finish his Hall of Fame career eating Moons Over My Hammy.

Well, the thing is, Jim, even if we hadn't move to "Denny's country," Denny's country came to us.

New York already has a slew of new 7-Elevens, IHOPs, Pinkberrys, and Subways, but there's always room for one more mega-chain restaurant in this city. DNAinfo reports that Denny's, home to the Moons Over My Hammy Omelette™, plans to open its first NYC location on the ground floor of a condo building at 150 Nassau St., just half a block away from City Hall.

So you see, Jim was right. One way or another, he and Pitino would be sitting in a booth together in a few years, deciding which Slam to share.