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Jim Boeheim Doesn't Stop At The Mushroom Shirt

Jim Boeheim's suit on Saturday was hiding a magical secret.

© Kyle Terada, USA Today Images

Perusing the Syracuse Orange basketball photo gallery over at from the win over the California Golden Bears, there's a lot of images of Jim Boeheim.

There's stoic Jim. There's concerned Jim. There's impatient Jim. You know, the usual Syracuse basketball photo gallery photos.

And then there's one photo in particular (No. 48), that reveals a side of Jim Boeheim that I don't think any of us really know...




There's a 57% chance that's actually a suit Boeheim wore in 1977 that has been converted into a lining. Now I want to see the linings of every suit in Boeheim's closet. Where is Cribs: Syracuse when I need it?

UPDATE: I don't know how I didn't see it but eagle-eyed reader (and PBA commissioner) Tom Clark noticed that it's a Jim Boeheim Court in the Carrier Dome pattern). I feel faint...

H/T: Rob S.