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Your Dad Made A Syracuse March Madness Theme Song

You said you didn't want to hear another rap Syracuse theme. You got your wish...

Ezra Shaw

It's been a while since somebody's cut a Syracuse Orange basketball theme song. For years, we were treated to the dulcet tones of Rob Murphy. We followed that up with some hits and misses. Mostly misses. And since then, radio silence.

Until now...

The folks over at the "Bob and Tom" morning show, (105.9 The Rebel, WXTL), created a song called "Cutting Down the Nets." I now present it to you...

If the person singing this wasn't wearing oversized sunglasses and swaying back and forth with a novelty blow-up saxophone while doing it, well, I will have died inside just a little bit.

Hey, you said, "no more hip hop songs about Syracuse." You got your wish.