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Syracuse Fans, Tell The NCAA To 'Probe This'

The NCAA is investigating Syracuse, what else is new? Make sure that when the investigators show up at your doorstep, you've got a message for them loud and clear.

Tom Colling, Peter Simpson, and PJ Galgay

The Syracuse Orange basketball program is reportedly being investigated by the NCAA. Obviously, we already knew this. And when it comes to being a Syracuse fan, it's old hat.

The NCAA is probing, so by all means let's them. And when they come your way to find out what you know about James Southerland's transcripts, send them the appropriate message befitting a Syracuse fan...


It's not like you have a lot of orange t-shirts anyway...

Purchase your very own Probe This t-shirt here.

H/T: Tom Colling, Peter Simpson, and PJ Galgay