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Syracuse Football Spring Practice: The Hardnosening Begins

Day One of the 2013 Syracuse Orange football spring practice session is in the books. Let's find out what happened...


Day One of the 2013 Syracuse Orange football spring practice session is in the books. Let's find out what happened...


More important than anything, how does Scott Shafer feel about Day One?

"I like the effort and I like the approach the kids took," Shafer said. "I like the way that they tried to respond to the coaches as they were getting coached hard at times. We got Day 1 in. All in all, I feel good about Day 1."

DC Chuck Bullough has a very confusing way to seperate the good players from the bad:

"If you're the best, you're on the field," said Bullough. "If you're not the best, you're not on the field."

OC George McDonald is high energy. So high energy we're probably going to have to lock him in the coaches box during games, lest he run on the field and tackle opposing players.

"He almost tackled me," Loeb said with a grin as he raved about his energetic offensive coordinator. "He was the only one that brought me down, I think.

"When you see a guy like that jumping up and down, it gets you going. It makes you want to play football."


Charley Loeb might have it down pat in the film room but he's not above getting beat down by on-the-field exercises...

"After individual period and before 7-on-7, I was dead dog tired. I don't think that ever happened to me before."

How did Leob's day go at the quarterback spot?

"I had my ups and downs, it's how you react to it. I get pulled after the very first rep and hopefully I learned something from that and I got the message and hopefully Day 2 I might last a little longer and not make the same mistake again and just get better each day."

Loeb split equal reps with Terrel Hunt and John Kinder. Loeb was the "first" QB if that means anything to you (it shouldn't).

Brent Axe said its way too soon to jump to conclusions but based on Day One, Loeb and Hunt are ahead of Kinder. How will Kinder compensate? By becoming the best rat he can...

Film, film, film, film, film, and more film. I am trying to be a true student of the game. At my position, you need to be a film rat, a gym rat, and amp up the guys around you. You have to know the game."


While he did take two snaps with the QBs, Ashton Broyld spent most of the day working with RBs and WRs. For anyone holding out hope that he was going to be a darkhorse in the QB race, you can probably set that aside.

Prince-Tyson Gulley is sitting out spring practice due to an injury.


Jarrod West and Chris Clark were the two receivers working with the first squad, FWIW.


Sean Hickey worked at LT, Nick Robinson was at LG, Macky MacPherson is at Center obviously, Rob Trudo is at RG and Ivan Foy is over at RT.


Your "first team" was DE, Robert Welsh, DE Micah Robinson, DL Zian Jones and DL John Raymon. Dammit, Markus Pierce-Brewster...

Eric Crume is sitting out spring practice with an injury.


Your "first team" was Oliver Vigille, Marquis Spruill, and Cam Lynch. Dyshawn Davis is sitting our spring practice with an injury.

H/T: Brent Axe, Daily Orange