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Scott Shafer Is Stalking McDonald's For Syracuse's Next Football Star

Scott Shafer is willing to do what it takes to find the right recruits, even if it means eating McDonald's.


Syracuse Orange head coach Scott Shafer understands that in order to take SU to the next level, he's going to have to mine the rough for the diamonds hidden therein.

That's not a problem, once you learn just how far Shafer is willing to go to do it. He basically turns into Steven Seagal (minus the kimono).

"When I go on recruiting visits, I like to act like I don't know where I am going," Shafer said. "Oftentimes I will find my way to the discipline department and ask if so-and-so player is there. If the teacher says something like, 'no, not this week,' then I know he is getting in trouble."

"If the school has security guards, I will find some old-timers with a leathered look and see if he knows a kid," Shafer said. "Those guys will tell you what is what. Principals, coaches and ADs will usually tell you their kid is great because they don't want to hurt his chances at a scholarship. But if you stop into a local McDonald's and hint around that you are there to scout some players, those people will give you the scoop on who is doing what."

Nice try, Coach Shafer, trying to make it sound like you're hitting up Micky D's every recruiting trip for intel and not for another batch of McFish Bites (which include 100% natural hardnose).

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